Science & Belief in Society Conference

Two members of OARS project team, Dr Nigel Fancourt and Dr Liam Guilfoyle, presented this week at the first annual Science & Belief in Society Conference in the University of Birmingham.

The pair delivered two presentations during the conference. The first presentation formed part of a panel session with colleagues from projects also funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF), Big Questions in Classrooms initiative. This was scheduled as one of the opening panels of the conference.

Pictured above, L-R, are Prof Berry Billingsley (Caterbury Christchurch University), Dr Bonnie Zahl (TWCF), Finley Lawson (Canterbury Christchurch University), Dr Liam Guilfoyle (University of Oxford), Dr Nigel Fancourt (University of Oxford), Alexis Stones (Institute of Education, UCL), Dr Jo Pearce (Institute of Education, UCL ), Pete Jordan (TWCF), Marianne Cutler (Association of Science Education).

The second presentation focused more deeply on how argumentation features in both the literature and curriculum documents of Science and Religious Education. This was delivered, in almost a mirror fashion, as the very last presentation of the conference on Saturday afternoon. In this way, the OARS project might be said to have “Topped and Tailed” the Science & Belief in Society Conference!

The conference provided both a key platform to share our work to date and a superb learning opportunity to engage with colleagues who are working on similar research, both near and far. We look forward to continued communication with this wonderful community of scholars!

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